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Our 5 step approach to instructional design & training:

Needs Assessment
Training solutions
Non-training solutions
Program Design
Scope and sequence of content
Appropriate learning methodologies
Course Development
Training interventions
Measures of success
Planning and administration
Delivery of intervention
Assessment of learning outcomes
Recommendations for improvement

To ensure program effectiveness, we work closely with our clients to clarify their needs and objectives.
7thGalaxy's systematic approach to design and development results in programs that are current, valid, and based on best learning practices. Our experience allows us to tailor activities so that new skills
and knowledge are transferred from the learning environment to the job.In every situation, we look for training/delivery systems that best meet the needs and internal capabilities of our customer. We can design instructor-led training, e-based learning, video-based instruction, or programs that incorporate a variety of learning technologies.

Training is provided in various technologies and hardware used in the workplace or in he comfort of your own home. Wether you want to learn more about webdesign or you want your employees to receive adequate training, we have the solution for you.


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