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In the past six years the Web has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings as a minor Defense Department project. At first it was individuals and a few enterprising businesses who pioneered the way, but eventually big corporations came to see the value of this new realm of commerce and communication. Because of this it has been big business, with its "corporate identity" and "Fortune 500 look", that has been driving the look and the feel of the web. As a result the look and feel of the web has become mired in this Orwellian world: web design has become a big business too. Unfortunately it's not the web design that we would like to see, as designers and artists. Instead of telling a thousand words with one image, today's web sites tell only five: "we're just like everyone else."

This may be fine for the business world and the companies that serve it, but there are still some of us who like to see imagination and art, rather than just uniformity. Does this mean that your site will be any less functional? Of course not. Will it be any harder to navigate or use? We'd never do that to you. The web is still a medium of communication, and to that end our first duty is to making your message come across clear and strong. What we do is to make sure that you will have a site which is unique, elegant, meaningful, and precise.

We're not a big company, but we are a company with big ideas and with an unlimited enthusiasm for pushing our art form to the furthest limits that you can imagine. What we do and who we are is a product of years of experience in not only designing for the web, but even more importantly, using the web as your customers will use it. When Seventh Galaxy comes to work for you, all of our best comes with us, and joins in a synergistic force to create. These efforts are put forth to best serve our community.

We are bringing technology back into the hands of the people! We want everyone to know that they can have their little slice of this wild wild web and more importantly, we want them to take advantage of it. While money pays the bills, we have been and will remain reasonable and responsive to everyone's needs.




MMs. M
Ms. M has graduated from Florida State University with an M.S. in Instructional Design. She has accumulated substancial experience designing training manuals and modules for various companies and individuals. She has also contributed to the design and implementation of several database management systems for various departements within F.S.U.
Seventh Galaxy is her first endeavor in the private sector after 13 years in the academia.

BMr. B
Mr. B has Graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Finance. He has been developing website and multimedia packages since 1998. His experiences include designing websites for various faculty members at Florida State University as well as designing a distance learning course for F.S.U's Office of Distributed Distance Learning. Mr. B continues to expand his skill set and experiences by undertaking a variety of projects in the 4 corners of the world. He is a musician/songwriter who has travelled quite a bit around the world and adds a distinctive touch of exotic flavor to our team and to your projects

Mr. J
Mr. J Joined the support staff back in 2003. His mission is to make sure that when you are sleeping, your website is not.

Ms. X
Ms. X is the most recent addition to the Seventh Galaxy staff. She is also in charge of customer service and support, mainly dealing with our customers in China.


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